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Skyrim Modlist #

This is my Skyrim modlist, presented as is. I use it as a base for Skyrim modding, and I’m sharing it here in case it’s useful to others. It may or may not be up to date and installable; no guarantees or support are offered in this regard.

What Is It #

It’s mostly visuals and atmospheric content to make Skyrim look like a modern game, with all the standard bug fixes, a number of strictly optional gameplay mods (notably Skyrim Redone and the approved suite of survival/crafting mods), and a small amount of non-intrusive playable content (notably Hammet’s Dungeon Pack and Skyrim Sewers). Also, most importantly, Dachshunds.

What to expect from this modlist:

What this modlist very specifically isn’t:

Download #

Download this: Bodilrim-0.2.wabbajack (external link, 694Mb)

Installation #

Start with a clean, unmodified Skyrim SE installation and at least 120Gb free on your target drive - we’re going to install a lot of textures. Get Wabbajack and feed the modlist to it. This will take a while, but is fully automated. Once done, the output folder will contain a portable Mod Organizer 2 installation with everything you need to run and further mod Skyrim.

The only required step after Wabbajack has done its work is to copy the contents of the Game Folder Files folder into your Skyrim SE installation directory, next to the SkyrimSE.exe file.

Optional Steps #

Review Installed Mods #

This modlist’s primary focus is on visuals, but it adds some gameplay content too. Review the mods under the Gameplay and Content sections near the top and the SkyRe section at the end, and decide which you want to keep. It’s safe to disable all of them without compromising the rest of the modlist.

Especially consider whether you want to keep Skyrim Unbound, which bypasses the standard opening sequence and lets you get into the game straight away with your choice of gear and spells. This means there will be no hey you, you’re finally awake. If you do keep it, I recommend you read about how it works, because getting started with it isn’t entirely self-explanatory.

You should also consider, if you’ve kept the survival mods, whether you want to enable Skills of the Wild, which is included but disabled by default, because it may add a bit too much immersion to the game.

There are a few mods which I find amusing under the Non-Lore section which you may choose to enable if you don’t mind the immersion breaking.

You can also pick another main menu replacer from the three provided, or disable them altogether for the original Skyrim main menu experience.

You should run zEdit from the MO2 run interface afterwards to rebuild the three patch ESPs (zPatch.esp, ENBLight Patch.esp and ReProccer.esp) for your changed content. Load your mods in zEdit and hit the jigsaw piece icon in the top right, then “Build All” to start the build process. If you’ve disabled SkyRe, you should not build ReProccer.esp in zEdit, and you should also disable it in your MO2 plugin list. The other two are needed by the visual mods, and zPatch.esp is also needed by you personally, as, among other things, it patches helmets to show Khajiit ears through them, without which the game is generally a huge disappointment.

Once this is done, go through the plugin list in the MO2 interface and disable any plugins that now have missing masters. These are patches you no longer need for the content you’ve disabled.

It’s also a good idea to run LOOT to make sure your mods are in sorted order and you have all the requisite patches installed whenever you’ve made any substantial changes to your modlist.

Generate LOD Files #

Generated LOD files are not included, but all the tools you need to generate them are. It’s recommended that you do so, or your distant terrain is going to look less than optimal. I won’t detail the process here, find a tutorial on xLODGen and DynDOLOD if you need assistance. You can launch all the tools through MO2. I recommend you create some empty mods from the MO2 interface to keep your generated LODs in.

Tweak Your ENB #

You’ll have the “Full Quality” version of Natural View Tamriel ENB set up for you. You may wish to instead use the “Performance” version, if your GPU isn’t keeping up. Download the Cathedral Weathers variant, extract and copy over the relevant files to your Skyrim game folder.

Launching the Game #

Launch the game by opening MO2 and running SKSE through it. Don’t launch Skyrim directly, or you won’t have your mods.

Now go meet some dogs!